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Calypso Catamaran

Our Calypso Catamaran is for individuals who love to search out the mystery pleasures of nature and value being out in the untamed sea. She attracts individuals who long to journey in Goa and the boat journey insight in the Goan islands.

Calypso Catamaran in Goa

New Luxurious and Spacious Calypso Catamaran is available in Goa. Best Catamaran for Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations, Bachelor Party and Sunset Spotting from the exclusive Sunbath Net at front deck.

Sail into the lap of luxury and tranquility with the Calypso Catamaran, a gem in the waters of Goa. Beyond being a mere catamaran, it stands as a testament to opulence, offering an unparalleled experience amidst the stunning backdrop of Goa's coastline.

Managed by the esteemed Das Tourism, renowned for providing unparalleled service and affordable luxury, securing a booking on the Calypso Catamaran is an invitation to a world where sophistication meets accessibility. Dial 8271 369369, and let the waves carry you into a realm of unmatched maritime experiences.

The Calypso Catamaran, also known as the Luxury Calypso Catamaran in Goa, transcends being just a vessel; it's a floating sanctuary meticulously designed to elevate every moment into a tale of extravagance. With a max capacity of 17 Pax, this catamaran ensures not just space but an intimate and expansive ambiance for grand celebrations.

A defining feature of the Calypso Catamaran is its spacious front deck, a canvas for creating memories against the shimmering sea. Perfect for spotting the mesmerizing hues of a Goan sunset and dolphins playing in the distance, this catamaran transforms every occasion into a celebration of style.

Adding to the allure is the unique sunbath net, resembling a trampoline, providing a novel and relaxing experience while basking in the warmth of the Goan sun.

In the spectrum of yachts and catamarans available in Goa, the Calypso Catamaran stands out as an emblem of grace. It's more than just a boat in Goa; it's a symbol of refined taste and a vessel that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

For those seeking a catamaran for grand celebrations, the Calypso Catamaran is your canvas. Be it birthdays, bachelor celebrations, or any milestone event, the serene Goan waters provide the perfect backdrop for your festivities.

In the category of luxurious catamarans in Goa, the Calypso Catamaran is a shining star, offering not just a vessel but an experience that transcends expectations. It's a sanctuary for those seeking the pinnacle of maritime luxury, a stage for celebrations, and a haven for creating lasting memories.

In conclusion, when you envision a catamaran that effortlessly blends luxury, space, and the enchantment of Goan waters, let the Calypso Catamaran be your choice. With Das Tourism as your guide, every voyage is not just a journey; it's a story of the sea, the sky, and the indelible memories etched in between. Sail into a world of luxury, laughter, and a journey like no other, letting the waves whisper tales that will echo for a lifetime.


  • Soft Drinks
  • Water Bottles
  • Sunbath Net
  • Ice Cubes
  • Ice Box
  • Good Music System
  • Hygienic Washroom

Max Capacity - 17 Head

So, Allow Das Tourism to offer you the best services on beaches in Goa while you are onboard on Calypso Catamaran Cruise.


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