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Baystar Yacht

Baystar Yacht in Goa: Sail in style with Das Tourism. Call 8271 369369 for a fabulous time. Great for birthdays and family fun!

Baystar Yacht in Goa

Baystar Yacht in Goa: Elegant voyages await with Das Tourism. Dial 8271 369369 for exclusive rates. Perfect for birthdays and small family celebrations.

Picture this – the gentle sway of the sea, the golden hues of a Goan sunset, and the laughter of your loved ones surrounding you. Welcome aboard the Baystar Yacht in enchanting Goa, where simplicity meets luxury, and every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Managed by the esteemed Das Tourism, renowned for their excellent service and budget-friendly luxury, securing your spot on the Baystar Yacht is as easy as calling 8271 369369. Let's dive into what makes this yacht an exceptional choice for your getaway.

The Baystar Yacht, often hailed as the Luxury BayStar Yacht in Goa, isn't just a vessel; it's a floating haven designed to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. With a comfortable capacity of 13 passengers, it's the perfect setting for intimate family celebrations.

One of the standout features of the Baystar Yacht is its spacious front deck. Imagine celebrating birthdays against the backdrop of a stunning sunset or spotting playful dolphins in the distance. This yacht transforms every celebration into a magical experience.

In the vast array of yachts available in Goa, the Baystar Yacht distinguishes itself. It goes beyond being merely a boat in Goa; it's a symbol of simple elegance and a vessel that turns ordinary moments into cherished memories.

For those seeking a yacht for intimate celebrations, the Baystar Yacht is your canvas. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a small family gathering, the serene Goan waters provide the perfect backdrop for your festivities.

In the category of luxurious yachts in Goa, the Baystar Yacht shines bright. Offering not just a vessel but an experience that exceeds expectations. It's a sanctuary for those seeking the pinnacle of maritime luxury, a stage for celebrations, and a haven for creating lasting memories.

In conclusion, when you envision a yacht that effortlessly blends luxury, simplicity, and the charm of Goan waters, let the Baystar Yacht be your choice. Sail into a world of simplicity, laughter, and a journey like no other, letting the waves whisper tales that will echo for a lifetime. Call Das Tourism at 8271 369369 and make your simple yet elegant voyage a reality.


  • Soft Drinks
  • Water Bottles 
  • Music System
  • Ice Cubes
  • Small Cabin
  • Washroom

Max Capacity - 13 Heads

**Given rates are for two hours total (1 hour cruise + 1 hour anchor).

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