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Joan of Arc Yacht

Sail in luxury aboard Goa's Joan of Arc Yacht, an intimate venue for pre-wedding shoots and small celebrations. Book with Das Tourism at 8271 369369 for a unique maritime experience

Joan of Arc Yacht Goa

Discover opulent sea voyages on Goa's Joan of Arc Yacht, perfect for pre-wedding shoots and intimate celebrations. Book with Das Tourism at 8271 369369 for an unforgettable experience

In the enchanting waters of Goa, where the sun kisses the sea, a luxurious adventure awaits - the Joan of Arc Yacht. This isn't just another yacht in Goa; it's a symbol of opulence and sophistication that weaves stories on the canvas of the sea.

Managed by Das Tourism, a name synonymous with impeccable service and dedication to luxury, booking the Joan of Arc Yacht ensures an experience that beautifully blends luxury with affordability. A call to 8271 369369 is your ticket to an unforgettable maritime adventure.

The Joan of Arc Yacht, also known as the Luxury Phoenix Yacht in Goa, is a vessel that stands out gracefully against the picturesque Goan sunsets. It's more than just a yacht for small celebrations; it's an intimate, elegant space that invites you to explore the tranquil sea. With a max capacity of 12 Pax, it ensures an inviting and spacious atmosphere.

What sets the Joan of Arc Yacht apart is its expansive front deck, perfect for pre-wedding shoots and watching the sun dip below the horizon. This isn't just a boat in Goa; it's a space that transforms moments into memories against the backdrop of the boundless sea.

The Joan of Arc Yacht in Goa is perfect for small gatherings and celebrations. Whether you're looking for an exclusive space to host a pre-wedding shoot, an anniversary celebration, or simply a serene evening on the water, this yacht offers a blend of experiences that cater to your every desire.

It's an embodiment of the new yacht in Goa, designed to offer luxury and elegance at every turn. With the Joan of Arc Yacht, every moment becomes a memory painted with the colors of the sea.

In the extensive spectrum of yachts in Goa, the Joan of Arc Yacht sets a unique benchmark. It's more than just a mode of transport; it's an experience, a journey, a tale waiting to be told.

In conclusion, when you think of maritime adventure enveloped in luxury, let the Joan of Arc Yacht be your vessel. With Das Tourism as your guide, every voyage is not just a journey; it's a story of the sea, the sky, and the memories etched in between. Sail into a world of luxury, laughter, and a journey like no other, and let the waves whisper tales that will echo for a lifetime.


  • Soft Drinks 
  • Water Bottles
  • Ice Cubes
  • AC Bedroom
  • AC Lounge Area
  • Huge Front Deck
  • Spacious Backside Seating 

Max Capacity - 12 Heads total

**Given rates are for 2 hours total (1 hour cruise + 1 hour anchor). 

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