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Regal 2700 Yacht in Goa

High-Speed Regal Yacht in Goa is perfect for small families, couples, sunset cruises & dolphin spotting. Regal Yacht in Goa can take up to 7 passengers on board.

Regal Yacht in Goa

The Regal Yacht in Goa is perfect for couples looking for a romantic sunset cruise or a relaxing fishing trip. With a max capacity of 6 and a powerful 420 HP engine, it's both intimate and exhilarating. Measuring at 29 feet, it's a great choice for those seeking a luxury boating experience.

The amazing Regal 2700 yacht in goa isn't just passionate about fun, yet large on space also. Offering standard and expanded seating choices, this boat will undoubtedly oblige loved ones with space in excess.

Try the U-molded format with the turning chief's seats for the most extreme cockpit solace. On the off chance that you're hoping to require end-of-the-week excursions to a higher level and be spoiled constantly, the Regal 2700 yacht in goa is your pass to the large show.

We value introducing the modern Yacht in Goa. This yacht sanction typifies tomfoolery and joy as well as brags of openness which guarantees that every one of the visitors can stroll around the whole boat uninhibitedly without agonizing over the security. Our committed group guarantee that this machine is ready, with wellbeing tests so your exceptional minutes stream flawlessly with practically no errors. What truly ups the great remainder is the speed and execution of this astounding yacht Regal in Goa. Equipped with 8.1 liter and 420 HP power plants, this extravagant personal ship in Goa speedo will zoom past the characteristic of sixty and get you siphoned up with an adrenaline rush. You can see the waterfront lines disappear, and the jam-packed land appears to be minute now, as you embrace the huge ocean and feel the ocean breeze removing all the pessimism around. So is it simply a heartfelt escape or a family excursion, you get the isolation that you merit as this lovely yacht on employ in Goa rocks on the cool waters.

The rental of this yacht offers standard and expanded seating choices, consequently obliging loved ones serenely. You can be guaranteed that every one of the administration is offered even before they are called for, along these lines ensuring that everybody on board unwinds on the roomy deck without any concerns. The liberal spread of scrumptious food readiness combined with astonishing mixed drinks to chill you makes the experience all the really hypnotizing. All of this is ready by our culinary experts who are known to make any cooking suit the sense of taste of the visitors.

As you enter this boat voyage in Goa, the shiny new U-formed plan with the customizable seat for the skipper which compensates for a definitive cockpit solace, will resemble a mystery for the numerous rich astonishments coming up for you. In this way, to spoil yourself during the end of the week and enjoy the tranquil ocean breeze of the Goa waters, Yacht Regal in Goa is the one. Certainly, you would need to encounter this astonishing boat ride in Goa and make minutes exceptional. Allow nothing to prevent you from getting the telephone, simply dial in and our amicable staff will be glad to direct you!


  • Soft Drinks
  • Water Bottles
  • Ice Cubes
  • Ice Box
  • Music System

Max Capacity - 7 Adults

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