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Bayliner Yacht in Goa

Experience luxury aboard the Bayliner, also known as Venus & MV Tara in Goa. Ideal for intimate gatherings & shoots. Call 8271 369369 for exclusive deals with Das Tourism!

Bayliner yacht in Goa

Book Luxury Bayliner Yacht - MV Tara Yacht in Goa. Its a perfect kingdom for Pre-Wedding Shoots, Anniversary celebrations and Birthday Celebrations on Mandovi River. Bayliner Yacht is the ideal choice for small groups.

Goa, the scenic jewel of the west coast, is renowned for its vibrant beaches and dynamic nightlife. But beyond the bustling shorelines and entrancing sunset parties, the state offers another captivating experience: yachting. And when it comes to yacht experiences in Goa, there's one name that stands out - the Bayliner Yacht, also recognized as the Venus Yacht in Goa and MV Tara Yacht in Goa.
Das Tourism brings this magnificent experience right to your fingertips. By dialing 8271 369369, enthusiasts can access the best offers and the cheapest rates for this majestic yacht. If you're contemplating an upscale, yet budget-friendly yacht experience in Goa, this is your prime destination.

The Bayliner, with a max capacity of 8 Pax, is a perfect fit for those who prefer exclusivity. In the vast ocean of options for a yacht in Goa, the Bayliner emerges as the most suitable private yacht in Goa for small, intimate groups. Whether it's a quiet family gathering or a close circle of friends looking to celebrate a special occasion, this yacht ensures an intimate and memorable voyage.

Located conveniently at Panjim, the heart of Goa, this yacht isn't just another vessel. It stands out distinctly as the best white-colored yacht for shooting. Its immaculate white hue, combined with the azure backdrop of the Arabian Sea, provides a stunning contrast, making it a preferred choice for photographers and videographers. If you're looking to conduct a pre-wedding shoot in Goa, the Bayliner offers a dreamy setting. Every click on this yacht captures a blend of romance, luxury, and nature's grandeur, ensuring your pre-wedding photos or videos are nothing short of cinematic.

Moreover, the Bayliner doesn't limit its appeal just to pre-wedding shoots. It's also the perfect venue for birthday parties. Imagine celebrating your special day, surrounded by the endless sea, with your loved ones sharing the joy. With top-notch amenities on board and an expert crew at your service, every moment on the Bayliner transforms into a cherished memory.
In the domain of yachting, where luxury often comes at a lofty price, the Bayliner Yacht emerges as a breath of fresh air. Labelled as a budget-friendly yacht in Goa, it ensures that luxury remains accessible. Yet, despite its affordability, there's no compromise on the experience it delivers.

In conclusion, the Bayliner Yacht, be it known as Venus or MV Tara, is an embodiment of elegance, luxury, and affordability. Brought to you by Das Tourism, it promises an unmatched yachting experience, tailor-made for those who cherish intimacy and luxury in equal measure. Whether it's a pre-wedding shoot, a birthday celebration, or simply a day out in the vast embrace of the sea, this yacht guarantees memories that you'll hold dear for a lifetime. So, step aboard and set sail on an extraordinary journey Goa offers.

Max Capacity- 8 Pax


  • Unlimited Soft drinks
  • Water bottles
  • Ice Cubes
  • Good Music system
  • Lounge Area
  • Washroom

**Given rates are for an hour of cruising

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