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Best Places for Scuba Diving in Goa - Ultimate Guide for Tourist

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Goa - Ultimate Guide for Tourist


Scuba Diving in Goa 

Winter and Summer are the best seasons where numerous individuals plan a get-away around better places. Winter is the season where you need to enter in spring, beat the heat, and dive into some exciting water exercise and rides. Many months pass by, settling on a specific spot where you can fulfill your water sports activities. Don't take stress since we have brought an arrangement that will be more affordable and you can appreciate no. of different Water sports in south Goa. The watersports include Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana Ride and Scuba Diving at Grand Island. 

Scuba diving is one of the demanding water sports activities that individuals attempt in Goa. It allows you to explore the submerged world. Passengers travel from different places to explore these water sports. There are numerous scuba diving tours operational in Goa. Goa is the most popular spot where you can discover the lowest Scuba diving rates. The instructional meeting would be for 20 minutes that incorporates the mentors showing you exceptional abilities and some key signs that help yourself if any problem occurs underwater. While going scuba diving, don't eat heavy foods, as the specialists will give you the best energetic food before the jump. It includes fruits, rice, eggs, and beverages, which help you make energy and endurance during your dive and help in not allowing you to feel hungry after diving. It is the ideal method to see if you are fit for diving or in the event you are feeling great under the water. 

The famous beaches might capture you, yet there is something awesome other than beaches in Goa that need to be explored underwater. There are the most stunning diving locations that scuba divers love to investigate. We at Das Tourism have assembled acclaimed diving where you could not imagine anything better than jumping and discovering Goa's fortunes. 

Best Scuba Diving in North Goa

Calangute Beach

There are numerous Scuba Diving packages available on Calangute beach. The Divers will equip with necessary gear that is breathing mechanical assembly, snorkeling glasses, blades, an Oxygen tank for breathing and a diving suit. Likewise, you can participate in different water games, including Parasailing in Goa, Jet Ski Ride, Kayaking, Banana Ride, and other Water Sports. There is nothing cooler than taking photos and recordings of the ocean's blooded creatures and delightful verdure. 

Malvan Beach

Malvan is famous for its exotics beach, calm backwaters, historic forts and a hot spot for water sports activities. Discover the underwater and witness the great corals and wonderful marine existence with Scuba Diving at Malvan. You can also do thrilling water sports activities like Jet-Ski, Parasailing and Banana Ride at Malvan. 

Baga Beach

Fall in love with the diving experience in one of the noticeable beaches in Goa. Baga Beach will allow you to explore a rich assortment of underwater marine life and coral arrangements. The best part is you can likewise spot dolphins and messing around seawater. Moreover, we will give you legitimate scuba gear and certified specialists to make your diving experience safe and pleasant.

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Scuba Diving in South Goa

Grand Island

Scuba Diving at Grand Island is one of the well-known sports in Goa. This Grand Island is also known as Bat Island and Monkey Island by Tourists. Grand Island is a famous place to figure out new adventure water sports. Going to Grand Island energizes all things considered there in itself. You will observe dolphins sprinkle under the water. You can do fishing and enjoy sea swimming, but Scuba Diving on Grand Island is beyond the imagination you have encountered in Goa. The atmosphere of this Island is ideal for Scuba Divers. The shallow water is reasonable for nonswimmers as well as expert divers. The water here is so clear where you can see the sea life intently. You can discover coral reefs, lobsters, ocean cucumbers, turtles and numerous aquatic marine lives. 

Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove is situated on the upper east of Grand Island. Shelter Cove has a limit of 6 meters down. You can explore all the fun of Scuba Diving here. You can observe the stonefish, triggerfish, lionfish, parrotfish, angelfish and many more an assortment of different fishes. You can likewise notice the hawksbill turtles on certain events. Watch out for lobsters as well, additionally, the sandy base where squits and cuttlefish come to lay their eggs. 

Suzy's Wreck

Suzy's wreck is the most famous spot. You can notice the different remaining parts of SS Rita, British load vessels fabricated 50 years prior, are the disaster area lying on the sandy base close to the Grand Island. The boat's frame is currently grown out of corals, and that is normal to all wrecks. Jumpers can notice the exotic fish, barracuda, scorpion, batfish, parrotfish, Moorish Idols, Bannerfish, and many more extraordinary fishes. 

It is reasonable for both the nonswimmer - beginners just as the experts. There will be no water flows so that you can plunge effectively around this disaster area.